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The cake is not a lie...

...but I can't prove it.


Internationality Fail



We were looking for hamsters, when one of our group literally stumbled over this bunny litter. I counted at least four, but it was really hard to tell.



KBS 452, 453, 454

We went exploring on these railway lines around the former mine Anna in Alsdorf.

View trip and pictures on Everytrail


I'm glad I had a ride on one of those

I wonder if the service to Isle of Wight is still in operation. I have to add that to my travel wishlist :)


HOME followup

Here's the link to download the MP4 directly to your computer. File size is approx 1.4GB.

HOME download



Be prepared for tomorrow!

As you might know, tomorrow sees the release of HOME in 50 countries worldwide, simultaneously. I let the trailer tell it's own tale.

Tune in to their channel on the tube, or find a place where it's being shown in the movies. I really think it's worthwile watching.

See HOME 2009 for more.

As a side note, the music already reminds me a bit of Philip Glass' score for Koyaanisqatsi (wikipedia link, trailer on youtube in HD), a 1982 movie well worth watching too - but you need some patience and a proper mood for it. However, if your attention span is big enough, it will leave you with quite an impression ;)



I'm not overly surprised though, but even if it were falsified, it just fits my image of those evangelist dweebs.

The whole photo set is here at spiegel.de, sourced from style.com.


Just a quick note to let you know what's going on. I moved to a new appartment the other week, meaning I pretty much still live out of boxes due to additional and unexpected work at the old appartment that consumed most of the past two weeks. Of course, German Telekom didn't manage to switch my phone line in time, and also they provided me with (unwanted) ISDN but luckily this isn't too much of a problem.
I'm in serious need of some shelves and kitchen storage, but that was to be expected. In the old place I could make up for that by using more space, but now with only half of the footprint some intelligent solutions have to be found.
All that aside, I'm enjoying some sunny days in the Netherlands and things are going fairly well. I'm also planning a trip to Switzerland the week after next, so that means more offline-ness.